Tapas come back home to Bistro Sixteen82

Bistro Sixteen82’s Executive Chef, Brad Ball, has been taking diners around the world with his worldly tapas specials. Since May, bistro diners have had their tastebuds transported to Italy and Turkey. In August, however, Chef Brad and his team are feeling a little homesick from all this travel. They have decided to bring tapas back home.

This month, Bistro Sixteen82 will be cooking up the smaak of home, featuring traditional, much loved South African classics like Bobotie, Bunny Chow and Koeksisters.

Brad’s motto has always been “local is lekker”, and his South African tapas will rely on fresh local ingredients. “I value and adhere to the ‘Keep it Simple’ philosophy. Let fresh, quality produce taste of what it is, don’t disguise it. With great ingredients and preparation, even the simplest of dishes will be a classic.”

Join Bistro Sixteen82 for some South African tapas in August. Savour the spices of a heerlike Bunny Chow, and the sweetness of a perfect Koeksister. As the sun sets behind the stone mountains, get a bit nostalgic for home.

For more about “Taking Tapas To”, please call us on 021 713 2211, or mail us on [email protected].

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