Taste-testing Haig Club single grain Scotch whiskey with David Beckham

After 22 years as a professional athlete, David Beckham is now a whiskey man.

The former Galaxy star and Simon Fuller, who created “American Idol,” have teamed up with British liquor company Diageo to release Haig Club, a new single grain Scotch whiskey.

The two hosted a private tasting Tuesday in Los Angeles, presenting the Haig Club neat, along with four cocktails. A Scotsman may frown on mixing Scotch with anything but water, but the Haig Club actually lent itself quite nicely to mixed drinks.

It’s a pale amber color in the glass, and the nose is an earthy mix of smoky pine cones and vanilla. Sipped neat, there’s no overt potency; it’s initially fruity, then finishes somewhere between butterscotch hard candy and burnt toffee.

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