Tequila and Coffee: A Cocktail For People Out Later Than They Want To Be

You know when you’re having one of those nights, usually a couple drinks in, and a sort of magic takes over and the momentum starts building, and it’s clear that you’re going to have increasing amounts of fun for the rest of the night and maybe forever? And every decision you make is brilliant and inspired, including putting tequila in your coffee? That’s what happened to me.

It was a Saturday, and I was still at an age when going to three parties in a night sounded like a reasonable and totally normal idea. I’d had a great time at the first one (a disco party hosted by the too-cool-for-me guy I’d just started dating) and was en route to the second (a birthday in a basement bar) with aforementioned too-cool guy when I realized I’d made a rookie mistake.

As everyone knows, when you’re running the party marathon, the worst thing you can do is let your drinking outpace your partying, but that’s exactly what I’d done. I’d peaked too early; now I was thinking about bed. Normally I would’ve ghosted, but the too-cool guy seemed to want to keep hanging out. The stakes were too damn high.

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