Terra del Capo Sangiovese 2016 – Italian inspiration throughout the year

For wine aficionados who prefer a lighter, more accessible red wine, look no further than the Terra del Capo Sangiovese 2016 from Anthonij Rupert Wyne. This lighter red wine is perfect for all year enjoyment.

The Terra del Capo wines, an Italian-inspired range, was originally developed by the late Anthonij Rupert who not only believed that South African soils were well-suited to growing Italian grape varietals, but also had a love for Italy and the natural synergy between good food and wine, as it is also a characteristic so synonymous with the South-African way of life where food and wine are an integral part of our way of celebrating. Anthonij Rupert was the pioneer who introduced Italian varietals to the South African Wine Industry and was the first to produce wines from varietals such as Sangiovese and Nebbiolo in South Africa.  The wines in the current Terra del Capo range, which consist of two reds (the Terra del Capo Sangiovese, the Arné which is a Sangiovese/Merlot co-ferment and one white namely Pinot Grigio), are best described as a delightful, refined collection of food-friendly wines.

His passion for all things Italian was realized when his brother, Johann Rupert purchased the Anthonij Rupert Wyne farm in 2011, and transformed the existing tasting room into the beautifully designed and Italian-inspired Terra del Capo Tasting Room. Drawing on Franschhoek’s reputation for breathtaking scenery, award-winning wines and local, produce-driven cuisine, the Terra del Capo Tasting Room is informed by all the good things in life – what the Italians refer to as la dolce vita, or ‘the sweet life’ – transforming wine tasting and food pairings into a relaxed, indulgent experience in elegant surroundings!

The current vintage Sangiovese, is produced from fully ripe grapes which were gently crushed, fermented and then matured in 500 litre French oak barrels for 12 months, with a final bottle ageing for an additional 10 months. The wine displays bright cherry and blueberry aromas; spicy highlights and smooth vivacious fruitiness, skillfully balanced by a gentle hint of oak. Although complex, it is very approachable and lingers on the palate culminating with a light cocoa finish. This delightful wine can be purchased at the Terra del Capo Tasting Room at R85 per bottle. The wine’s ripe cherry, supple plum and layered spicy flavours effortlessly complement traditional Italian dishes such as slow braised tomatoes, the classic Italian Lasagne, slow braised Osso Bucco or Pasta Napolitana. For lighter-meal alternatives, the Sangiovese pairs perfectly with your favourite salami, olives and pickles. Or simply enjoy on its own. 

The Terra del Capo Sangiovese 2016 is available directly from the Terra del Capo Tasting Room, at R85 per bottle, or select specialist wine stores nationwide.