Thanks To Millennials, Rosé Is Here To Stay

“Frivolous and fun.” That’s how one French wine aficionado described rosé (while swirling and sniffing a $40 glass of merlot, probably).

Well, sorry to offend your tastes, Mr. Fancy Wine Man, but rosé is here to stay. If drinking pink wine makes me frivolous and fun (I think that’s the French way of calling someone basic), you can find me on some rooftop taking selfies with my glass, captioning the photos with a requisite #roséallday.

Rosé sales have been climbing since 2014, and they show no signs of slowing down. Year over year, rosé has shown more growth than all spirits.

Perhaps that because there is no shortage of rosé and rosé adjacent beverages you can get your hands on and also because there are plenty of affordable and delicious options to choose from.

But, there’s more to it. It’s not only about the beverage. Drinking rosé is all about the experience — and sharing that experience so everyone knows how much fun you are having. And considering millennials are a generation known to value experiences over material possessions, it makes sense rosé is our drink of choice.