The $1000 Tequila Popsicle

Hot on the heels of the world’s most expensive tequilas we bring you the $1000 tequila popsicle. This icy and intoxicating lolly can be found poolside at Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur.

The popsicle consists of a plastic stick, Clase Azul Ultra tequila, 24-carat gold flakes, and a little sugar. The tequila alone costs $1700 per bottle in Chicago, and while gold prices have been down the past few months, it’s back above $1600 per ounce.

The icy treat is served poolside on a classic plastic stick and has a little sugar in it to take the edge off, though salt would seem to be more appropriate.

The patrician pop joins a world of fantasy foods that includes the $1,000 pizza served at Nino’s Bellisima restaurant in New York and the $1,200 Mai Tai mixed up at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Ireland.

Of course, if sweets aren’t your thing, Marquis Los Cabos will be happy to pour you a straight shot of the tequila used in the ice pop for a mere $500. Sounds like a bargain…for Bill Gates.