The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

The Netherlands has one of the best drink scenes in the world. Just think about it – a country that has given the world Heineken, gin and advocaat… 

Add to that the relative wealth of the country, and you’ve got a bar and cocktail scene that rivals that of anywhere in the world. They really do take care of what they pour into their glasses, so let’s jump straight into this countdown. 

1. Hiding in Plain Sight (HPS) 

inplainsight The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

A cocktail bar that’s fashioned like a 1920s speakeasy – a world classic. Yet don’t be fooled, as this bar is anything but old-fashioned. 

Think new fashioned, featuring a vibrant and exciting drinks card, dimly lit interiors and quality furnishings that all set up that perfect ambiance for a relaxing evening. 

If you want to try an outstanding drink, why not their New Fashioned? You’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

2. Door 74

Door 74 2 The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

Another speakeasy-style cocktail bar – we sure love them – Door 74 is an extremely stylish place. There is no faffing about with garnishes or elaborate fruit displays as this is a bar for those who appreciate classic drinks.

That said, it’s not all Martinis, far from it. Check out their fabulous cocktail with Mezcal, Rum and Gin. You’ll never want to leave this dark and mysterious land of awesome drinks. 

Make sure to wear your best smile at the door or make a reservation by phone to gain access. 

3. Tales & Spirits 

Tales and Spirits6 1080x788 The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

It might not be old old (as old as, say, PayPal slots are), yet this cocktail bar quickly went up in the ranks to become the city’s go-to spot for innovative food and tipple. 

World renowned mixologists come for residencies and the food perfectly complements the drinks being mixed. Get behind the bar for a fun chat with the man of the house and order that Old Fashioned you’ve been yearning for all week. It’s built up and chilled to perfection!

4. Henry’s Bar

henrys The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

What’s it with cocktails and literary connections? From the speakeasy’s to Henry’s Bar, which features cocktails inspired by literary giants, the drinks world is very poetic and charming indeed. 

A bohemian atmosphere sets this bar apart, though it’s hiding literally in plain sight. Some might call this a cigar bar, but there is no doubt that its drinks are in a league of their own.

Whether you choose a glass of cognac or let the bartender choose a cocktail based on how you’re feeling at that time, you’ll surely enjoy your time at Henry’s Bar.

5. Twenty Third Bar

thirty The 5 Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam Right Now

Offering unparalleled views of the city, this hotel bar might not look like anything THAT special. But don’t be fooled as their concoctions are some of the absolute best in town. 

Kir Royale, Crème de Cassis and many other other-worldly creations await. And if you get peckish, it doesn’t get classier than satisfying your munchies at the next door Ciel Bleu restaurant. We’ll cheers to that!