The 5 Most Popular Cocktails At Great Lakes-Based Casinos You Need To Try

If you love casinos and delicious cocktails, you should be planning a trip in or around the states in the Great Lakes region.

You can get the most out of your trip by visiting several casinos in the region while also tasting many luxurious cocktails that you can’t experience elsewhere.

“The Pretty Woman” At 131 Sportsbar & Lounge Inside Gun Lake Casino (Wayland, Michigan)

There is no shortage of compelling food and beverage options at the Gun Lake Casino, which is located in Wayland.

The 131 Sportsbar & Lounge offers a $10 specialty cocktail called “The Pretty Woman.” The cocktail is made up of lime juice, pink Himalayan salt rim, yuzu puree, butterfly triple syrup and Tito’s vodka.

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The Gun Lake Casino also offers in-person bets, allowing you to place wagers on single games, over/under totals and more.

Shrimp Cocktail At Canal Street Café Inside Potawatomi Hotel & Casino (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 

There are several restaurants at the Inside Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, which is located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

One such place is the Canal Street Café, which offers $8 shrimp cocktails to patrons. The shrimp cocktail comes with cocktail sauce, lemon and poached shrimp.

It’s also worth mentioning that the nearby Great Lakes Distillery is right near the casino, and this place has a ton to offer when it comes to cocktails.

This venue offers the traditional Gin & Tonic, Cherry Blossom, Cosmo Fizz and Bourbon Old Fashioned. But if you’re here for a new cocktail experience in a city renowned for its rich beer economy and history, you should definitely try Milwaukee’s beloved Fall Ball.

The Fall Ball is listed under the “Nice and Strong” section of the cocktail menu. Available for the price of $10, The Fall Ball comes with orange liqueur, black walnut bitters, apple brandy and pumpkin seasonal spirit. 

As you can tell by the cocktail’s name and the pumpkin seasoning, the fall is the best time to try this beer. The Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball will likely be in the playoffs at this point of the season, and the Green Bay Packers will be in the early stages of their 2022 campaign.

If you want to taste different cocktails during a trip to Milwaukee, you have plenty of options right here in the casino and the distillery.

“MotorCity Moscow Mule” At The Pit Stop Inside The MotorCity Casino Hotel (Detroit, Michigan)

The MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, Michigan is one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed venues in The Great Lakes State.

Located inside the hotel is the beloved “Pit Stop” that offers a variety of different foods (including deli sandwiches, pizzas and buffets). The venue also offers the “MotorCity Moscow Mule” which consists of lime juice, ginger beer and Absolut Vodka.

“Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail” At The Sunset Steakhouse Inside The Fortune Bay Resort Casino (Tower, Minnesota)

You won’t find many locations that offer a super-sized cocktail, let alone a shrimp one.

But the Sunset Steakhouse in Tower, Minnesota’s Fortune Bay Resort Casino offers just that on its appetizer menu.

For $18, patrons can buy the martini-style appie that comes with five jumbo-sized shrimp decorated with lemon and cocktail sauce. There is a wide range of food options at the Sunset Steakhouse, including different seafood, sandwiches, seasoned vegetables and so much more.

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Superior, try to squeeze in some time for a visit to The Fortune Bay Resort Casino.

“Seafood Cocktail Martini” At The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort In Mount Pleasant, Michigan

The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant offers several different cocktails, including a fresh fruit breakfast beverage.

On the appetizer menu, you’ll find the Seafood Cocktail Martini that comes at a reasonable price of $12. The cocktail features shrimp, crab meat, scallops, tomatoes, lime and cilantro. 
It’s an absolute must-have especially if you happen to be a seafood lover. You simply aren’t going to find many places that offer all of your favorite seafood choices in one cocktail drink.