The astonishing health benefits of coffee

We reported on a recent study that suggests that drinking a huge amount of coffee can actually raise your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease — that may be enough to cause people to reconsider their coffee drinking habits, but many people aren’t aware of the wide range of huge health benefits coffee offers.

A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease shows that people who drink excessive amounts of coffee have an increased risk of “mild cognitive impairment,” which is considered an early risk factor for Alzheimer’s or dementia — but again, that’s just for people who drink a lot of coffee every day.

But if you’re a light to moderate coffee drinker, cheer up: you’re getting some really great health benefits.

One of the most obvious benefits in a world where obesity is on the rise is that coffee is basically calorie-free. No joke: one cup of coffee has just 2 calories, unless you want to load it up with cream and sugar, of course. That’s certainly a lot better than the extreme amounts of sugar and calories in popular energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull these days. So that means you can get your energy boost without any of the crash or the calorie increase that can lead to an expanding waistline.