The Backstreet Boys Are Back …. With a Tequila Project

Backstreet’s back, all right!

The ’90s boy band Backstreet Boys are entering the tequila business.

Announced during a two-show stint at luxury resort Moon Palace in Cancun, the now “man band” shared this “larger than life” news with the Daily Meal. Singer Kevin Richardson mused on his aging preferences (as in tequila, not the existential dread of being a 46-year-old boy bander), telling the publication he likes “a good reposado or anejo” — leading to confirmation of the new venture from fellow member Nick Carter. “(We) just need to find a partner here in Mexico,” Carter told the publication.

The venture is early days, but if BSB is able to find a partner, they will be joining big names like Justin Timberlake, Carlos Santana and Diddy, among others, who have been involved with various tequila brands in different capacities.

Who knows if such a deal will work out for the Backstreet Boys, but at least their built-in fan base is old enough to drink the eventual product and, ahem, rock their bodies.