The Best Cocktail You Have Ever Tasted Is In A Can!

The canned ready to drink cocktails are one of the best things to happen to people who enjoy cocktails. You can enjoy your favorite or even try a wide range of cocktails without laboring to make them. The RTDs cocktails are prepared differently with varying alcohol content depending with the company. Read the packing before you drink to avoid getting drunk than you expected. The following are the best-canned cocktails that any bartender or expert would recommend:

Moscow Mule by Crafthouse Cocktails

The Moscow Mule in a can will become one of your ready to drink cocktail. It is a combination of top-quality ingredients, just like they do it in bars. The Moscow Mule by Crafthouse is available in different 200 ml cans and 750 ml bottles. It does not have a lot of flavors like other canned cocktails. It is plainly made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. It is quite strong with a 10.1 percent ABV. However, you can serve it with ice for a smooth taste. 

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha

One of the best Caipirinha you can have is the canned Novo Fogo. It has a concentration of 8.2% ABV with a bright and colorful flavor. It uses the organic silver cachaça as the base. It also has some tropical fruit notes such as coconut, guanabana, and lychee. If you want more fruit flavor in your cocktail, Novo Fogo comes in passion and Mango. 

Blue Marble Cosmo

The Blue Marble Cosmo is such an as strong cocktail with an ABV of 15%. It comes in a can of 200 ml with pleasant aromas of lemon, oranges, or cranberry. You can add one or two ice cubes into your cocktail for an extra chill. 

Cocktail Squad Bourbon Smash

One of the best whiskey cocktail in a can is the Cocktail squad. The sour of this cocktail is well-balanced with a fun twist of the bourbon. The traditional cocktail has spearmint and lemon. You can have other flavors, such as the Rocky Mountain blackberries. The Cocktail Squad is available in a 355 ml can with 10% ABV. 

Spicy Bloody Mary by Cutwater Spirits

The Spicy Bloody Mary is a combination of signature vodka and blood Mary. The result of this combination is a spicy cocktail. It has an ABV of 10% with a taste of ripe tomatoes and hot pepper. If you don’t like a heavy, spicy taste, there is a version with a mild taste. 

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock & Rye Whiskey

The Hochstadter’s cocktail can of whiskey tastes like true whiskey, with a delicious traditional spicy rye and sweet rock candy. The cocktail Can is quite small, with a capacity of 100 ml but a stronger ABV of 45%. The whiskey is flavored with navel oranges, raw honey, bitters, and rock candy. You can serve it alone, or with ice cubes, or with a beer back. 


Although now in cans, the enjoyment of sipping delicious and tasty cocktails does not go away. The RTDs cocktails give you an easy time enjoying cocktails without spending much of your time preparing the recipes. It allows you the convenience of travelling and enjoying your cocktail from anywhere.