The best drinks to pair with Hot Dogs on #NationalHotDogDay

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has designated July as Hot Dog Month and for 2017 Wednesday, July 19 as National Hot Dog Day. Whether they are grilled, boiled, broiled, pan-fried, rotisserie cooked, cooked on a stick over a campfire or any other way, hot dogs are a favourite staple in most countries.

When it comes to hot dog pairings, you have to consider both the hot dog itself and the toppings.

White Wine

If your hot dog has an Italian sausage in it, such as mortadella, go for a crispy white wine that will cut through the richness of the meat, but also stand up to the relish that’s served on top. Be adventures and try an unusual varietal such as Grüner Veltliner.

Red Wine

Since we can’t all be white wine lovers, it’s important to know that red wine can go great with a hot dog, too. Take Pinot Noir  or a Grenache for example— those smooth tannins and cherry flavours will fit right in with a savoury hot dog with a little ketchup and mustard.


As with wine, when pairing beer with hot dogs you can’t just think about the main dish, you gotta’ think about the total package. White pork sausages pairs really well with a Weissbier,  grilled, mild sausages deserves a Pilsner, and spicy Italian sausages works well with a Porter. Check out this epic infographic to find the perfect match.

Beer Hot Dog Pairings 3 The best drinks to pair with Hot Dogs on #NationalHotDogDay