The Best Selling Liquor In The World Just Dropped A Terrible Rap Song

We’re not sure whether the marketing department of the world’s most consumed spirit got a little high on their own supply, but it certainly sounds like. Maotai, the largest liquor company in China, just dropped a cringe-inducing music video, entitled “Oh, It’s Moutai”.

The horrible rap track features some nice drone footage of Maotai — the town in Guizhou province that lends the drink its name — and of some young people exploring its famous distillery and the bars that surround it. It then jumps into lyrics about foreigners not wanting to be referred to as “laowai” (a term often given in China to those hailing from the US or Europe in particular) and a perplexing nu metal-ish section, mixed with some bad lip-syncing.

In China, Maotai is the brand of choice for the elite, a must-have at business banquets and a display of wealth and power. By numerous estimates, it’s also the most consumed spirit on the planet.

Made out of sorghum extract, the cheapest bottle of Maotai costs a whopping 1,499RMB (216USD). The complex and extensive manufacturing process goes a long way in justifying the liquor’s hefty price tag; five years, 165 steps, 82 techniques employed, some of which are taken from the twelve-step baijiu-manufacturing process used in Maotai town during the Qing Dynasty; human feet are still used to stamp a mixture of yeast and mould into blocks of starter called qu.