The best way to clean Crystal wine glasses

Unlike other stemware, wine glasses are specifically designed to enhance the experience of drinking wine. Also keep in mind that the liquid in the wine glass is a bit pricier than your jug of milk or orange juice, so the extra measures to ensure a clean glass could be viewed as merely protecting your investment.

A wine glass won’t enhance your experience if it is not clean. Fingerprints, leftover wine and marks all have an influence on the visual appeal. Very fine wine glasses are made of delicate crystal; for that reason alone, they require special care.

How to wash Crystal wine glasses

Wine connoisseurs agree that crystal stemware should be washed in very hot water by hand. Not all experts agree that dish soap should be used, but if it is used, be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue so that it doesn’t interfere with the taste and bouquet of the wine.

1. Rinse the glasses in very hot water.

2. Use a drop of mild, unscented dish detergent for each glass and partially fill each one with hot water.

3. Hold the glass carefully by the bowl and insert a sponge.

4. Turn the glass around while holding the sponge in place

5. Wash the outside of the glass by holding the bowl with one hand and washing the outside of the bowl, the stem and the base with the sponge.

6. Rinse each glass thoroughly, inside and out, with hot water.

7. Allow your glasses to air dry, right side up, or hand-dry them using a lint-free towel, or unscented paper towels.