The Best Way To Enjoy Phantom Gin – South Africa’s First And Only Black Gin

Ever wondered how best to enjoy Phantom Gin?

The best way to enjoy any South African craft gin is to keep it simple. Craft gin is about the botanicals used to distill the gin. We want you to really taste the gin and not hide it with too many added extras.

The best way to enjoy Phantom gin is to enhance our main botanicals; Lion’s tail or wild mint as it is commonly known and citrus.

We recommend Barker & Quin Indian Tonic, a hand-crafted tonic from Paarl, which is the perfect tonic to accompany any craft gin as it is not too sweet and enhances the gin’s own flavour profile.

Here is a recipe for our perfect serve:

– 50ml Phantom Gin
– Barker & Quin Indian Tonic
– Lots of ice
– Slice of fresh orange
– Fresh mint or Lion’s Tail if you have some. Slap the mint to release oils.