The Best Way To Pack Beer For Air Travel

Packing beer in your checked luggage is the way to go as there’s no way you’ll get that bottle or can through security in your carry-on. Unless you’ve poured it into a collection of 3-ounce shampoo bottles. 

Ask Kate About Beer has a tried-and-true method for beer-packing and also shares some tips from other beer friends.

  • Kate’s method: Wrap that bottle or can in a Ziploc bag just in case, then secure with a rubber band, then wrap it in squishy clothes like a sweatshirt or sweater. Make sure to place the beer bundle in the center of your suitcase.
  • If you’re planning to transport a decent amount of beer, a dedicated beer box might be your best bet: “A great option is to pack a Styrofoam cooler. It’s best if you can find a snug box for it to fit in as that will help it stay intact while making it through-checked baggage. Otherwise, a hard-sided suitcase is another option.
  • Sneakers or shoes as a cushioned cradle, or wrapping each bottle in its own piece of your clothing.
  • Layer beer in a backpack or suitcase: Each can or bottle gets its own layer of a shirt or pants, then a mid-layer of clothing between beers keeps them from bumping into each other, and a shell of soft stuff between all that and the outside of the backpack keeps them protected from impact. Also, if you’re camping, every beer you bring is a weight-to-benefit calculation, so make sure the few precious beers you bring are truly delicious.