The Billionaire Trying To Make The World’s Best Pinot Noir

Tech entrepreneur TJ Rodgers made billions of dollars founding silicon chip maker Cypress Semiconductors, now he has turned his sights to wine-making, and is on a quest to make the best Pinot Noir in the New World.

A collapse in the roof of a gigantic tunnel being driven into a hillside sounds like a pretty dramatic event.

But the entrepreneur TJ Rodgers is calm as he recalls what happened.

“It’s not like you see in the movies with rocks flying, and stuff like that.

“It will kill you but it’s kind of a slow motion thing, and you can walk [away] and stay in front of it,” he explains.

He is speaking inside one of three giant caves that house his winery high in the Santa Cruz mountains in California.

The construction of the facility was a monumental task, taking years and requiring advice from experts in digging tunnels under the Austrian Alps.

Occasional cave-ins were just one of many challenges.

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