The bottle to do away with dregs of a fine vintage

Martín Berasategui says special shape does away with decanting by capturing sediment at bottom of bottle.

A celebrated Spanish chef claims to have revolutionised the world of wine with an odd-shaped bottle that may have traditionalists wrinkling their finely tuned noses in disdain.

Martín Berasategui, who has three Michelin stars, has pinched the bottle close to its base, adding a sediment capturing chamber to the bottom.

He says this will allow it to trap the dregs that remains in the bottom of the best red wines and which means the last few gulps of valuable vintages often have to be thrown away.

The bottle will not just enable oenophiles to squeeze an extra glass out of their best wines but, he claims, could do away with the time-honoured tradition of decanting. “The bottle itself acts as a decanter thanks to its special shape,” Berasategui wrote in a recent blog posting.

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