$72 Beer Flavored Ice Cream

Three young men from Old Lyme, Connecticut are infusing ice cream with beer. And not any old beer – they use stouts, bocks, lagers, porters, lambics and ales.

“This is not vanilla ice cream that someone poured a bottle of beer into and its certainly not Tutti-Fruitti,” they explain on the Brewer’s Cow Ice Cream website.

There are currently three flavors available: Black & Tan made with Guinness Draught; Ten Penny Beer Nut Parfait made with Dirty Penny Ale; and Bavarian Beer Brittle made with Samuel Adams. But the Brewer’s Cow ain’t cheap. A six-pack of The Brewer’s Cow Beer Infused Ice Cream (2 of each flavor) goes for $72. Shipping included.

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