The Celebrity Instagram Account That All Tea Lovers Must Follow

It’s hard to explain, but in order to sleep at night, I need to believe that Adam Sandler is a nice person. He just has to be. Surely the man who gave us the Hanukkah song and Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer, not to mention his more highbrow turns in Punch Drunk Love, Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories, is a cut above his fellow Hollywood multimillionaires. Surely a man known for playing lovable losers and wearing basketball shorts to premieres sees through the bullshit.

I’m not alone in my desire to know which famous people are cool in real life. The Instagram account Deux Moi, which posts screenshots of unverified celebrity encounters received via DM, is dedicated to this very cause. Happily, the Sandman is almost always described in glowing terms by those who claim to have come across him in restaurant bathrooms. The same can’t be said for Bradley Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow and Leslie Mann. Or, as we’re all well aware by this point, Ellen DeGeneres.

With 162K dedicated followers, many of whom also congregate on a popular Reddit thread and Facebook group to discuss each revelation in detail, the account has proven a welcome distraction during the past few hellish months. While rarely snarky, Deux Moi‘s popularity dovetails with the general pandemic backlash against A-listers kicked off by that damn “Imagine” video. All of a sudden we’re wondering why exactly Hailey Bieber gets to be on a yacht in Capri while the rest of us have moved back home with our parents. Some readers object to invasions of celebrity privacy — poor Chris Noth can’t go anywhere without showing up as a grainy iPhone photo in the Deux Moi DMs — but most seem genuinely interested in holding the entertainment industry’s rich and powerful to account. Especially in how they treat young fans and service workers.