The Darker Side of Rum

Captain Morgan, the legendary figure who has celebrated in countless stories of the golden age of pirates in the Caribbean, now lends his moniker to a new version of spiced rum developed with deep, dark tones of molasses and charred oak.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was created to appeal to the whiskey drinker, someone who enjoys their drink of choice on the rocks and might have previously shied away from spiced rum, thinking it was not as refined or mature.

This new variant is a complete departure from the legendary Original Spiced Rum, bringing to life the darker, more mysterious side of the real-life brand icon, Captain Henry Morgan, through a bold new liquid.

The rum is deep dark mahogany color in the glass. Initial aromas begin with hints of cinnamon, clove and dried fruit, leading to molasses, smoky oak and burnt sugar. The palate features dominant tones of spice and oak, dark dried fruits and vanilla, finishing with nuances of warm spice and vanilla.