The Etiquette of Drinking at Casinos

If you’re a newbie to the casino scene, it can be confusing as to the etiquette of casinos – especially what you should drink. Is it acceptable to sit at a roulette table with a pint? Should you have a cocktail? Or maybe something a bit stronger?

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We’re going to dispel all of the rumors around drinking at casinos and give you advice so you fit right when, whether you’re just visiting or a casino pro!

When you shouldn’t drink at a casino

We’ll start with situations where you probably shouldn’t drink whilst visiting a land-based casino. The decision to enjoy some tipple or not all comes down to one thing – your intentions and the reason why you’re in the casino in the first place.

If you’ve visited purely for the fun and social aspect of the venue, and aren’t too bothered about the money you spend on the games, then it’s absolutely fine to have a few – fill your boots when it comes to drinking.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re going to be playing a more intense and thought-provoking game like Blackjack or you’re entering a poker tournament, then it’s advisable to limit yourself to one or two – just enough to loosen you up a bit but not take your edge away.

If you’re mainly playing a game that’s less intensive such as slots or roulette, then you can get away with having a few more drinks. Again, it all comes down to what you’re in the casino for and the games you’ll be playing.

What to drink whilst you’re playing

Don’t have a clue about what your drink order would be whilst you’re sitting playing rounds of Blackjack for a few hours? Maybe you feel like just continuously downing cups of coffee wouldn’t quite be your style. Thankfully, there are loads of alternative drinks you can check out.

Probably one of the most popular and practical ways to enjoy a drink without going overboard is to enjoy a cocktail in the casino’s bar. You get to have a nice drink and get a bit of a buzz whilst not going too overboard like you would with a straight spirit.

Sticking to drinks that have two ingredients will ensure that you get a decent drink and most casinos should be able to accommodate the request – drinks such as gin and tonics, vodka and cokes or even vodka and RedBulls if they don’t get you hyper.

You can also progress onto the more intricate cocktails if the casino has the ingredients, such as a White Russian, Sex on the Beach or a Blue Lagoon. As you may have guessed, some cocktails will be more available in certain locations than others.

Handy tips for choosing your drink whilst playing

Here are some quick tips to help you with deciding what to drink whilst you’re in the casino:

  • If you don’t want to take any chances of the bar staff messing up your drink, it’s probably best to order a simple, two-ingredient drink like the ones we stated above. Whilst many of the bar staff at casinos are fully trained and brilliant at making drinks you may want to stay on the safe side. Also if you’re short on time then a simple order is also probably best.
  • Can’t be bothered trying to explain a special cocktail to the bar staff? Go for a simple beer – no instructions needed!
  • If the casino has a house special cocktail, it may be worth a try. They’re putting their name behind it so it will most likely be very good!
  • If you’re feeling yourself, ask for a named spirit to be mixed with your soft drink – such as Grey Goose vodka and coke instead of just regular vodka. Whilst it’ll cost a bit more, you may as well treat yourself if it’s a special outing.
  • It’s best to be prepared with an alternative, just in case they haven’t got the ingredients for the cocktail you’re after.
  • If you need a pick-me-up but still want to enjoy a little buzz, you can’t go wrong with an Irish coffee.