The Health Benefits of Champagne

Who would have thought that along with being a top toasting choice and the perfect mate for fresh-squeezed orange juice, champagne offers health benefits, too?

Here’s how indulging in a little champagne can offer better health:

Lowers blood pressure

Research from the British Journal of Nutrition found that champagne has health benefits similar to those often attributed to red wine. The researchers took a group of healthy individuals and gave them either champagne or a control beverage with the same alcohol content. Blood samples were taken, and both groups showed blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow. However, only the champagne drinkers experienced a slower removal of nitric oxide from their blood.

What does this mean? Sipping a few glasses of champagne may lower blood pressure and potentially reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease. Cheers to that!

Contains antioxidants

When you’re enjoying that mimosa with brunch, pat yourself on the back, because champagne contains antioxidants – powerful nutrients that work to contain the damage caused by free-roaming radicals in our bodies. Free-roaming radicals are often linked to disease, fatigue and weight gain. Antioxidants are important because they ‘quench’ these radicals and help protect our cells from damage and death.

Boosts your mood

Just a few glasses of champagne can help protect your brain from damage that is commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and stroke.

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It seems champagne can positively affect your mind, body and spirit, as long as you don’t overdo. If the worst happens and you do overdo, take some ibuprofen and drink a big glass of water before bed. In the morning, try food and fruit juice to help take the sting out of last night’s buzz!