The History Of Sangria

Whether served by the glass in a punch bowl, Sangria is well known for its fruity and zesty flavours. The best part about sangria? It’s a versatile drink that can be enjoyed during the heat of summer or during the colder seasons. The Sangria drink is so popular, that it even has its own day!

What many people don’t realize about the history of sangria is that it actually goes back hundreds of years. The drink first made its tasty debut in America at the 1964 NY World’s Fair but the origin of Sangria dates back to medieval times. Sangria’s family tree suggests that it was created in Europe and originated from hippocras – a drink made from wine mixed with sugar and spices.

It is no secret that water was not just unsavoury, it was really unsafe for human consumption in the middle ages, making wine a go-to drink of choice for individuals of all ages and every social class. While many relied on wine to stave off bacteria, some decided to create a beverage that tastes good as well. Peasants along with the rich alike started adding fruits, berries and spices to the hippocras to create a drink filled with flavour and zest.

The term sangria stems from a phrase coined from an ancient Spanish village to describe all variations of this tasty concoction. While traditionally just made from red wine, modern times have brought with it the onset of white, along with the likes of sangria infused breakfast recipes.