The Hunter S Thompson Breakfast

Ralph Steadman, an illustrator and Thompson’s longtime collaborator, put it plainly enough, “Never try to drink as much as he does”.

Thompson’s innovative writing style dubbed “gonzo journalism” blurred the lines between author and subject. Today we can perceive gonzo journalism as the precursor of blogging journalism.

Thompson began his day with a lumberjack breakfast, never serve before noon. Calling it his “psychic anchor” he described the meal:

  • Four Bloody Marys
  • Two grapefruits
  • A pot of coffee
  • Rangoon crepes
  • A half-pound of either sausage, bacon or corned beef hash with diced chillies
  • A Spanish omelette or eggs Benedict,
  • A quart of milk
  • Chopped lemon for random seasoning
  • A slice of key lime pie
  • Two Margaritas
  • Six lines of the best cocaine

Thompson is best known for his association with Rolling Stone while Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is his most celebrated novel and a cult classic.

Muhammed Ali once gave Thompson a health tip – eat a huge amount of grapefruit. Considering Thompson’s alcohol and drug intake, that hardly seems like a drop in the bucket. Nonetheless, he took the champ’s advice to heart and just add vodka to the mix.

The Greyhound Cocktail

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A Hunter S Thompson favourite.

Hunter S Thompson passed away in 2005 at the age of 67.