The Importance Of Water In Fighting Off Coronavirus

During these very strange times the entire world is currently going through, it’s always important to keep yourself informed and prepared about the latest protocols and safety measures that have either been put in place, suggested, or mandated. Coronavirus preparedness is of utmost importance until otherwise instructed.

During this particular global pandemic, while things like hand sanitizer and many cleaning products are hard to come by (not to mention toilet paper, paper towels, and certain types of food), one thing that will literally help you fight off ever even contracting COVID-19 is readily available to just about everyone. And you don’t need to scour every available store in your area just to find some. For the most part, you don’t even need to go anywhere to get it. The superhero of this virus, water, is available to most people right from their kitchen or bathroom; this 100% social-distance and stay-at-home approved wonder “drug” is right at your fingertips.

Here are a few ways that you can utilize water to keep yourself safe and healthy during this time (and really at all times!):


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The human body is made up of about 60% water, so it’s only natural that our bodies crave, and feel and work their very best when they are properly hydrated. While trying to beef up your immune system to fight a potential COVID infection by getting the proper amount of sleep, eating healthier, getting enough exercise, etc., remember that it is also important to water your body. While drinking water cannot fight off the actual virus, water will prevent dehydration (which will help you feel strong and able enough to exercise), regulate the temperature of your body, deliver oxygen throughout the body, aid your digestive system, and a host of other things that are known to make a person feel better in general. The most common recommendation is eight 8-ounces glasses of water a day. This may sound like a lot, but it’s worth it and many of us now have the time in a day to achieve the goal.


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Your best defense against the virus is something you should already have in your possession (not to mention a practice that you should already have been doing throughout your life): washing your hands with soap and water. While this technique may not be possible every time you touch something in a public place, most especially if you are out and about picking up essential goods, but as soon as you arrive home or to a place where you can wash your hands, you need to follow-up your hand sanitizing and glove wearing, as these are really only backup plans when it comes to staying clean and in turn, safe and healthy. Roll up your shirt sleeves (if you’re wearing long ones) and start scrubbing from your elbows all the way down to your fingertips. And don’t be skimpy about it: Counting to 20 while you wash is the recommended length of time to kill off the virus. And if you’ve touched anything else on your body (your face, for instance) before you’ve gotten a chance to get in a good washing of your hands, make sure you wash those areas as well.

Clothes Washing

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While not nearly as important as washing your hands after you’ve touched anything or been in a public space, due to the rather foggy evidence on how long the virus can remain on different types of surfaces, it’s best to err on the side of caution and to immediately change out of any clothing that you have worn in public and put it through the wash before you wear it again, preferably on a warm cycle. Whether or not the virus could live on the particular fabric you are wearing has not been properly determined yet, but it’s best to look at it as if it can live there. Better safe than sorry.

Just as a side note, as with anything you read on the Internet, take any advice that you come across with a grain of salt and do your research (such sites like CDC and WHO are reputable sources of information for the coronavirus) before you make any changes to your lifestyle or try out anything new. Know your trusted Internet sources and always follow those guidelines when making decisions about your health during this global pandemic.