The Instagram Of Wine

You’re standing in the section labeled FRANCE in your local wine retail shop because that’s where the wine you want was made. You think.

It’s all a bit hazy–you were out at dinner the other night, a friend ordered the bottle, and everyone loved it. You want to buy a case of it at home and enjoy it for the next few months, you want it to be your “everyday red,” you’re looking forward to the idea of having a go-to wine that you can spout off a few facts about, maybe a tasting note that sounds half-right.

But you just can’t remember what the wine was. What if there was an app that could allow you to take a picture of that bottle and instantly know (and save!) the details on what you’re drinking. Maybe even buy a case on the spot, or even see what your friends think about it. Yep, this app can do that.


Well, that’s my elevator pitch for Delectable, an application available foriPhone and, as of last week, Android (as a public beta on the latter platform). Delectable helps you identify and remember the wines you like, and actually does a whole lot more.

Unlike other wine apps, Delectable builds on the photos its users are already taking to help you learn more about wine. Think of it as the wine version of Instagram: You’re able to instantly share what you’re drinking and see what your friends are enjoying.