4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

Las Vegas has its share of bars and nightclubs, but what makes a bar truly stand out is its unique atmosphere and experience, as well as the level of customer service. Since Vegas is packed with bars, we went ahead and picked out four of the best for you to choose from. Enjoy, and remember, always drink responsibly.

Camden Cocktail Lounge

 4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

One of the classiest places on the list, the Camden offers a stunning interior that is tastefully designed and furnished. You’ll feel right at home in a James Bond film in this lavish Las Vegas Bar.

The Camden has an extensive cocktail list, each one mixed expertly and presented with “a flair, unlike anything you’ve seen before”, according to the Camden’s website. The bartenders are experts in their field, offering a unique blending technique and their own personal spin on your old favorites, making this lounge modern and classic all at once.

On the menu are “table bites” and snacks, a small breakfast menu, and even a couple of dessert items. The cocktail menu is extensive and customizable, but some of the favorites featured are the “Fresh and Easy”, the “Fire and Ice”, and the “Banana Hammock” which sports Mt. Gay Eclipse rum,   banana liqueur, cinnamon cordial, lime, and chocolate bitters. Now that sounds delicious!

The Golden Tiki

GoldenTiki nightlife 4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

Perhaps one of the best rated and most iconic Las Vegas bars is The Golden Tiki bar, located on Spring Mountain Rd. With a tropical theme with complete with coconuts, tiki torches, and grass skirts, The Golden Tiki has a flair and flavor all its own.

With 24 original Bosko pieces on display, a thatched roof over the bar, and black velvet paintings that tell the unique story of the famed pirate William Faulkner, the venue truly has created its own identity in the bar scene.

The bar staff cleverly leave “Easter Eggs” around the place for you to find during your stay, and each time you visit they’ll probably be different, which makes every stop here a unique one. Not to mention the world class drinks menu which includes over 24 unique cocktails. They also give you the option of purchasing a souvenir mug which you can refill throughout the night.

If you’re feeling a little more exclusive, the VIP package comes with “Captain Faulkner’s Treasure Chest”, which includes two different aged rums for your delight.

Overall, the Golden Tiki is a great bar experience. The ambiance, drink variety, and special flavor of the place give it a secure spot on our Las Vegas Bar bucket list.

The Chandelier

chandelier bar 4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

All bars are created equal is hardly an accurate statement, and you’ll agree after you’ve visited The Chandelier on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Stunning lighting in the form of gorgeously designed Chandeliers litter the ceiling here, giving this establishment a unique and wondrous atmosphere. The bar spans 3 floors inside The Cosmopolitan luxury hotel, with each floor offering a different experience than the previous.

Floor one is a new approach to the traditional casino bar, with two separate bars and a stunning view of the overhead lighting designs. The bars include video poker machines and even offer a drink voucher system when you play the games. $20 in the machine gets you a free drink, and you get another free drink when you play a $1 hand for every twenty minutes after that. The bars get a good amount of casino traffic from The Cosmopolitan, but there’s no dress code and you are free to travel between each level as you wish.

By mounting the staircase by the bar, you can ascend to level 1.5, which is a decidedly more lounge-ish atmosphere than the bar downstairs. The scenery on this level is beautiful, with cool lighting that give it a dusk-ish feel and a drinks list that will blow you away. One of their most famous cocktails on level 1.5 is “The Fire Breathing Dragon”, which includes liquid-nitrogen frozen raspberries dropped into your drink, giving off a smokey effect. What’s not to love about that?


GG Most Iconic Bars Blog Commonwealth 1024x416 4 Las Vegas Bars To Add To Your Bucket List

Another unique experience in bars, The Commonwealth is considered strange by some. Maybe it’s the exposed brick walls that give it that run down sort of rustic look, or the tables made of old heaters that add to a steampunk aesthetic. Or maybe it’s just the old-time speakeasy feel to the place.

Speaking of which, there’s a hidden speakeasy that you can ask for access to, called the “Laundry Room”. So while you’re admiring the various designs and craftsmanship, you can visit the hidden room for a little extra privacy.

If the outdoors are more your thing, the bar also offers a great rooftop view from its rooftop bar. The open air experience will grant you a stunning picture of downtown Las Vegas and a little fresh air to lighten the mood. The staff is friendly, courteous, and attentive, adding service to an already unique and customizable experience.

You can reserve a table for yourself and a guest, or rent out the entire venue for a special event. Reservations are taken online or over the phone, but otherwise you can just walk in. If you want a seat though, you may want to arrive a bit early in the night, as The Commonwealth has a very high traffic rate on weekends.