The most popular beer in the world is Snow, a Chinese beer brand

Most Americans have never heard of, much less tasted, the most popular beer in the world. CRH Beer Limited (CBL), is the largest beer producer in China and they also produce the most popular beer in China — and the world — namely Snow.

Snow dominates the global beer market, with people drinking more than double the volume of the brand worldwide than the next-biggest competitor.

An estimated 101 million hectoliters of Snow were sold worldwide in 2017. For comparison, just 49.2 million hectoliters of Budweiser — the No. 2 brand in the world — were sold globally in the same period.

While Snow is wildly popular, it isn’t very well-respected, with one RateBeer reviewer calling it “the worst beer I’ve ever tasted and that’s saying something.”

Heineken is planning to acquire a 40% stake in Snow’s parent company as China becomes an increasingly important market for beer companies.