The most popular drinks at Casinos

Casinos aren’t smoky old-boys clubs anymore. Long gone are the days when casinos meant something elicit and daring. Today, they are firmly part of the entertainment landscape, attracting all types of players, from all walks of life. Some casinos are entertainment landmarks in their own right. And so, customer satisfaction is the order of the day.

As such, there are usually some discounts coming your way. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you will know that hotel accommodation is typically incredibly reasonable. Anything to keep the customer happily gaming. The same principle even applies to online casinos, where there are plenty of free spins offers for loyal players. So even the most basic casino will offer its clientele complimentary drinks. Usually it doesn’t matter if you are a first-time novice or a high-rolling veteran. Free drinks are on the menu.

Of course, there are different standards of casino. And the more lavish and luxurious, the better quality of free drinks on offer. It’s no different to the online casino world, where the best will offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in welcome casino bonuses. So although there are no hard and fast rules on which free drinks are the best, you can get your hands on the following:


Let’s start at the very top. And let’s be clear. You will likely only be given champagne if you record an especially big win. If not, you will need to get your wallet out for the very best. But play your cards/ dice right and you could just land the big money and the best bubbly. But if you do, make sure you don’t spray it around like a Formula One winner…

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Spirits might be one step down from champagne, but a classy cocktail always goes down well. And it doesn’t get much more classy than a mojito – The white rum, lime juice, mint and sugar mixture is especially refreshing in the summer. And just in case you find yourself in Vegas, it is worth noting that the Wynn is especially well-known for its free mojitos.

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Jack (Jack Daniels) and Coke

Another classic mixture. And it can usually be found free at most discerning casinos. For many, adding coke makes whiskey a whole lot more palatable. However, you should be specific when you order that you want a Jack Daniels. Or else, you may be given something less appealing or something much more expensive with a bill to match. And if you were looking for another casino connection – JD and coke was Motorhead frontman Lemmy’s favourite drink. His best known hit? Ace of Spades.

jack and coke The most popular drinks at Casinos

Martini (shaken not stirred)

Martini simply had to make the cut. It is of course the preferred drink of James Bond while playing at a casino, accompanied by the catchphrase line “shaken not stirred”. Bond first uttered the immortal words in the novel Casino Royale and it since found its way into many of the subsequent films. However, if you want to get the Bond version of a martini correct, you will need to be very specific – It includes gin and vodka, plus a twist of lemon instead of an olive.

Vodka and Redbull

If you’re set for a long session, then this could be the drink for you. The mixture of strong alcohol and a stimulant is going to keep you going. But beware, while the stimulant Redbull tells you to continue, the vodka will be getting you steadily inebriated. Nonetheless, for many it is a tried and tested formula. For many casinos, a vodka and Redbull is a sign that you are in for the long haul. They will likely be happy to freely supply you with it.  

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Whatever you decide to drink, make sure you do it responsibly. That way, you will be more likely to win!