The Most Popular Drinks in Las Vegas and Macau

Everyone has their own vice. For a lot of people it’s drinking, but gambling is ranked high on the list too. So it’s no wonder that these two vices go together more often than not. Gamblers like to take the edge off by having a glass of their favorite alcoholic beverage when the stakes are high.

Las Vegas and Macau are two of the greatest gambling empires in the world. However, they are not all about gambling, as they also offer other forms of entertainment. In these cities, you will find great restaurants, pubs, and cocktail bars.

So what are the most popular drinks among Las Vegas and Macau gamblers? We decided to put our detective hats on and investigate.


Macau has an emerging cocktail scene with new bars popping up throughout the entire city. While you can try dozens of different alcoholic beverages here, cocktails seem to be taking center stage.

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The classic Negroni cocktail is favorite to many, and you can order it in places like the Heart Bar. Its sunset orange tone served in an old fashioned glass fits really well with the casino ambiance. It’s a mix of gin, vermouth, and Campari, and it’s best to try it before dinner.

El Diablo

This is another cocktail that’s popular all around the world, especially in Macau. It’s served on the rocks in a highball glass and has medium strength.

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The ingredients of El Diablo cocktail include tequila reposado, Créme de Cassis, lime juice, and ginger beet. With the combination of sweet and spicy taste, El Diablo is an ideal drink that can loosen you up before you hit those tables.

Gruet Blanc de Blancs

If you win big money in Vegas, it’s a cause for a celebration, and the best way to do it is by ordering some sparkling wine. Gruet Blanc de Blancs is a house wine from one of the most luxurious hotels on The Strip — Cosmopolitan.

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This sparkling wine comes with the initials I.V.V.S.O.T. which stand for “In Vino Veritas, Sip on This.” The bottle of Gruet is expensive but worth its price, and it’s the most frequently sold bottle at the hotel.

High Limit Kir Royale

With a name fitting to its surroundings, High Limit Kir Royale is another Vegas drink that you should order for a special occasion. It’s also indicative of its price since a bottle of this beverage will cost you a couple of grand. But you’re in Vegas anyway, and maybe it’s wiser to spend money on a top-shelf drink than on a poker table.

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High Limit Kir Royale is a blend of Hardy Perfection cognac, Louis Roederer Cristal Rose champagne, and the Grand Marnier Cent Cinquantenaire. All of those ingredients are maybe hard to spell, but the beverage is easy to drink. Adding a few fresh raspberries will give it a sweet and unique taste.

Hors d’Age

While Las Vegas and Macau are known for their cocktails, sparkling wines, and hard booze, there’s also something for all of you beer connoisseurs out there.

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The unique beer that you can try on the Vegas Strip is Hors d’Age, a French golden ale served exclusively at the Bardot Brasserie restaurant. Hors d’Age is ideal after a nice dinner at the place that serves excellent food as well.