The Most Searched Cocktails In The World

Ever wondered what the most searched cocktail in the world is? You are not alone! Pour moi, a UK-based fashion outlet, got curious and turned to Google search data to find out what cocktails the world is searching for. They’ve used 12 months of data to pinpoint the most-searched-for cocktail in nearly every country.

Africa’s Most Searched For Cocktails

In Africa, it’s the Porn Star Martini that is capturing the most attention, with 23 countries searching for it the most including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and South Africa.

The World’s Most Searched For Cocktails

1. Pornstar Martini

India, Israel, the UK, Philippines, South Africa and Pakistan.

2. Pina Colada

The US, Mexico, Egypt, Spain and Chile.

3. Aperol Spritz

Greece, Canada, Qatar, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

4. Sangria

Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

5. Negroni

Paraguay, Uruguay and China.

6. Espresso Martini

Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

7. Long Island iced Tea

The US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and the Netherlands.

8. Caipirinha

Portugal, Brazil and Morocco.

9. Daiquiri

Bahamas, Cuba and Oman.

10. Mojito

France, Japan and the Central African Republic.