The Next Big Food Trend In Tokyo Is Poo Ice Cream (and no, we are not talking about the bear)

While the rest of the world is getting excited over goat meat and cauliflower steaks, over in Tokyo there’s a much more exciting food trend afoot.

In the Harajuku area of Tokyo, the Sweet XO Good Grief cafe is now serving up something called Unchi-kun Soft Serve ice cream. Unchi-kun is a polite way of saying poo.

So yes, we are talking about poo (aka shit) ice cream and not Winnie the Pooh.

Thankfully, the ice cream is not flavoured like poo, it is simply designed to look like a poo.

“Why in the world?!” you might ask. Well, this soft-serve innovation was written in the stars and in case you never noticed, the poop emoji and the ice cream cone emoji are THE SAME DAMN THING. Behold:

If you’ve seen much Japanese pop art, watched some cruder anime, or simply looked through the originated-in-Japan emoji on your phone, you’ll know that in Japan, illustrations of poo always show it in a neat spiral. As a matter of fact, the spiral is so neat that it often resembles the contours of a swirl of soft serve ice cream.

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before we got this as a new food trend.

The brown ice cream is served in a special container shaped like an Asian-style squat toilet and you can also customize your poopy-looking dessert with edible toppings and accessories like bunny ears and crowns.

Each toilet of Unchi-kun is priced at 650 yen (US$5.75) and can be purchased to go. Surprisingly, the manufacuring company Good Greif is actually headquartered in California, but the poop ice cream is only offered in Japan.