The No Hangover Wine

Is it possible that there’s a wine that’s going to leave you without a hangover? Jordan Salcito, wine director at Momofuku, says reach for the natural wines.

Recently, a friend and I met for drinks at Pearl & Ash, the new restaurant on the Bowery known for excellent cuisine and one of the most dynamic wine lists in New York. We ordered a bottle of Eric Pfifferling’s l’Anglore Tavel rosé. By the time we’d finished the bottle, neither of us felt the familiar dizzying buzz of too much wine, nor had we consumed even a bite to eat. Later, with dinner, we downed two subsequent bottles of wine, both made in a similar style to Pfifferling’s. The next morning, after comparing notes, both of us woke unscathed. My friend made his early tennis match and played well; I spun strong at my morning spin.

The secret to our hangover free morning? Natural wine.