The Petition For A White Wine Emoji Has Been Rejected

Despite a 19-page proposal (and three revisions!), the white wine emoji still won’t see the light of day yet.

If you’ve ever scrolled through your phone looking for a white wine emoji, you’re not alone. But sadly, despite petitions from around the world, it doesn’t look like you’re going to get one any time soon.

Kendall-Jackson, one of the top-selling producers of white wine in the U.S., has been leading the charge on the mission to get a white wine emoji for over a year now. Teaming up with the global wine community, the brand has submitted several lengthy proposals to the Unicode Technical Committee — the governing body who decides what becomes an emoji, because it’s 2019 and yes, that exists — since July 2018. 

After three revisions culminating in one final 19-page proposal, Kendall-Jackson heard the result of their fight for representation at the UTC’s July meeting, held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA — and it wasn’t what they hoped. 

According to official meeting notes, the UTC said that they would “continue to consider ‘white wine’ emoji for future addition,” but would make no further moves forward at this time.