The Purrfect Brew Kit For Humans Who Love Coffee And Cats

All you need in life is cats and coffee, right? When life happens, coffee helps and the same goes for cats. It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cat and a cup of coffee. Cats don’t ask silly questions. Cats understand, and so does coffee.

As much joy as cats and coffee brings to the life of humans, coffee grounds are toxic to cats. Well, apart from Guinness World Record holder Creme Puff, the world’s oldest cat, whose owners claim coffee is to thank for her 38 years of longevity. Caffeine can cause a whole range of health problems in cats and other small animals, and in a high enough dosage, it can be fatal.

Bruce & Apollo Coffee

Blending two of life’s passions into one, Bruce & Apollo Coffee pays tribute to a domestic cat from Kempton Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Strong, dark and rich in character, Bruce & Apollo beans are sourced from first-class coffee plantations in South America, Rwanda, and Uganda. A quality South African coffee brand established during Lockdown 2020, bringing joy to the mugs of coffee addicts with a fetish for felines.

Koffie Kat Kit

Luxury cat brand KAT KULT teamed up with Bruce & Apollo Coffee, to create a rare and limited edition Koffie Kat Kit for humans who love coffee and cats. Inside the kit is a 250g bag of Bruce & Apollo ground or bean coffee, a French Coffee Press, a coffee coaster, a cat mug and cat-shaped cookies.

You can get your paws on this rare and limited edition Koffie Kat Kit at the Cats of Cape Town. Limited quality is available.