The R4 000 Kettle That Takes 6 Minutes To Boil

Getting your morning cuppa out of this R4 000 kettle could send your blood boiling instead – it takes a ‘painfully slow’ six minutes until the water is ready to pour.

And taking twice as long to boil than usual is just one of the failings that has seen the high-end Digital Precision Kettle by Kitchen Aid listed as a ‘Don’t Buy’ by consumer group Which?

Which? testers also complained the ‘gooseneck’ retro design may look good – and offers a choice of three pour speeds – but fails on practicality because it ‘takes up a lot of space on worktops’.

The sophisticated kettle can, however, be set to reach an exact temperature between 60C and 100C, making it ideal for the green tea fan who wants the 70C that is apparently perfect.

Kitchen Aid said: ‘It has been created for tea and coffee aficionados. The slow boiling time is due to the precision temperature it can achieve.’

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