The Rock Has Tequila. Andie McDowell Has Wine. What’s Your Beverage of Choice Right Now?

Friends, it’s been, well, a long month, year, presidential term (take your pick) hasn’t it? It’s scary out there, Ghost Ship isn’t available for free on a streaming platform, and we’re turning to a lot of coping mechanisms to get through social distancing and staying the fuck home.

One of my favorite past times at the moment is watching dumb celebrity videos, where they’re usually a little tipsy, to shoot the s*it.

My favorite of late is a now-deleted video on Twitter from Andie MacDowell where she was clearly wine-drunk (she admitted as much) and dropped f-bombs, giggled, and had on Tiger King in the background. I have never felt the “Stars, They’re Just Like Us!” energy so pure in that moment, and I wish it was still online to share with you. Alas, it is not, and in its stead, we have this sad Tweet:

Yes, friends, Andie MacDowell is out of wine. ?

Then we have The Rock, who I can’t imagine was entirely sober when he filled this rambling video in which he sings (!!!) after taking a shot of tequila.

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