The Slanghoek Valley`s Best Kept Secrets

For those who love wines that express the place where they were grown and wines that are sensibly priced, Slanghoek is the perfect playground. Some wine critics will however argue that the Slanghoek region has no track record of making great wine. This has kept prices arguably lower than they deserve to be which makes the Slangoek region one of South Africa’s most underrated wine routes. Here you will not only find wines that over-deliver on quality but also an abundance of activities for adventurers, along with some of the friendliest and most genuine people in South Africa.

On a recent visit to the valley, I realised just how overpriced some of the other wine regions in South Africa are. I mean, when last did you buy a white wine from a cellar door for under R40? Or how about an easy drinking red for under R50? Long gone are the days where you pay less for a wine purchased directly from the cellar door. The reality is that you are more likely to grab a bargain from your local bottle store or retailer.

wineglass joy The Slanghoek Valley`s Best Kept Secrets

In the Slanghoek valley you can except to pay less for more! Slanghoek Cellars produce 37 000 tons of grapes a year but only 2.5% of that gets bottled under the Slanghoek label. This provides them with the opportunity to select the cream of the crop. They sell the rest of the grapes to other co-ops.

It’s therefore no surprise that we were stunned when we saw the price list at the first wine estate we visited during our journey. Our initial thought was,”oh my word, these wines must taste pretty awful”, but little did we know we were in for a big surprise. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, which displayed great acidity and body, cost a mere R35. Then there’s the wooded Chardonnay which won a silver medal at the Michelangelo awards that will cost you only R32. But wait, it gets even better. Just down the road, Slanghoek Winery offers a fun-filled wine blending experience with one of their winemakers for only R40 per person, and the price includes the bottle of wine you blended. Pretty unbelievable, I know, but true!

Low prices and wines that over-deliver on quality is definitely one of the Slanghoek valley’s best kept secrets but that’s not where it ends. Outdoor enthusiasts to the area are spoilt for choice. Here you will find a variety of 4×4 routes and hiking trails that boost stunning scenery along with exceptional food and splendid accommodation.

platbos log cabins The Slanghoek Valley`s Best Kept Secrets

Another secret gem! The Platbos Log Cabins are on the slopes of the Slanghoek mountains and offer only three beautiful decorated and secluded self-catering wooden cabins overlooking the dam.

The biggest secret of them all, however, is the story behind Slanghoek’s name. But if you ask nicely, one of the friendly faces in the valley might just share the tale of a gigantic snake and his big gemstone. Legend has it that the snake went for a swim at a waterfall in the mountain and left his precious stone on a nearby rock. It was not long before people from a nearby village saw the gemstone and ran off with it. The snake was furious! He grabbed hold of his own tail with his mouth to form a wheel and chased after the thugs to retreive his cherished jewel.

With so many stories, history, and undiscovered secrets, the Slanghoek wine valley offers one of the best getaway experiences in South Africa. The fact that it’s situated only an hours drive from Cape Town makes it even more convenient and you have therefore no excuse, other than to pack you bags, jump in the car, and discover one of South Africa’s best kept secrets.