The Striped Horse Bar and Grill serves up ice cold beers and pub grub in Muizenberg

An eclectic new beach-side haunt serving ice cold beers and tantalising pub grub

“The space has quite an eclectic kind-of vibe,” says Jurie gesturing to the venue’s interior. Today I’m at The Striped Horse, a new bar and grill located on York Road in Muizenberg, chatting to its charming and somewhat enigmatic owner, Jurie Blomerus.

From where I’m sitting – I’ve taken to the cushioned wooden benches located by the front window of the establishment (situated around the corner from the large bar area) – I can spot an array of mixed-matched gems; beautifully hand-embroidered floral bordello-style armchairs scattered with an assortment of velvet cushions, hand-crafted round wooden tables, various framed prints of the human skeleton and a small collection of taxidermies including a warthog head and puff adder. There’s also a large painting of a human pelvis combined with what looks like an octopus’ tentacles and various flowers along with the caption ‘water’ that I’m truly intrigued with (but more on that later).

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