The Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator

Selecting the best wine refrigerator that best suits your needs might be a tricky situation. Advise you might receive from wine cooling experts might guide you to success or bankruptcy.

Some say go with a cooler with aluminium interior because it conducts temperature more effectively than one with a plastic interior (So let’s consider the overdraft). Others say go larger than you have wine for, as you WILL need it (Consider more overdraft options). You might also hear via the grape vine that if you are looking to age your wines you’ll need a more sophisticated wine cellar, aka walk-in-cellar (extra mortgaged on your house should work).

At the end of the day wine fridges are designed to do two things: To keep the wine at a “proper” serving temp, but also allowing the wine to be stored for ageing purposes. It’s up to you (and your budget) to decide which one suits your needs.