The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are one of the newest types of CBD products available on the market these days. They are sold pretty much everywhere, even in regular pharmacies. You just need to know where to look.

But, the question remains about whether they work and what they are. There is a great deal of misinformation out there, leading to a lot of confusion. Well, the truth about it all may surprise you.

Here is the surprising truth about CBD bath bombs. 

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

To aid in your complete understanding, let’s take a look at what CBD bath bombs are, to begin with.

A regular bath bomb is a ball full of essential oils, minerals, and herbal ingredients that are designed to improve your bathwater. They usually fizzle when they come into contact with hot water, releasing a lot of pleasant smells to the air and the water itself.

A CBD bath bomb is just a regular bath bomb that comes infused with CBD. It allows the CBD bath bomb to enrich the water and your bath experience with a healthy CBD dose at the same time as other herbs.

The critical aim of CBD bath bombs is to aid in your relaxation. Along with all the relaxing and revitalizing ingredients of a regular bath bomb, CBD bath bombs come with CBD, which itself encourages intense relaxation.

There is a fair amount of confusion when considering where CBD bath bombs rank in the world of CBD. Are they basically the same as other CBD topicals?

Are CBD Bath Bombs the Same as CBD Topicals?

The precise category of CBD bath bombs is still up for debate. Many people consider them to be the same thing as a CBD topical, like shampoo, but they are fundamentally different.

Most people would consider a CBD topical to be something that you rub directly onto your skin. However, a CBD bath bomb is applied by mixing it with hot water, allowing the CBD to fill the whole bath.

While the CBD is absorbed into the body via the skin, this isn’t enough for it to be considered a true CBD topical. Instead, CBD bath bombs are sort of in their own category of existence – something totally unique.

Does this mean that they work? Do CBD bath bombs do anything useful?

Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

The big problem with CBD bath bombs is that there is a fair amount of doubt as to whether or not they actually work, to begin with.

CBD has a noticeable and trackable effect on the human body, but what about when you use it in a bath?

Well, the problem is that CBD doesn’t mix well with water. It’s hydrophobic, so like fatty substances, it doesn’t blend with water. In fact, it will do its best to avoid mixing together with H2O. This is actually why CBD is typically sold as an oil – because it needs fat to mix with.

Unless you buy nano-CBD, the CBD in your bath bomb is not likely to mix properly with the bathwater.

Furthermore, the amount of CBD available in a CBD bath bomb is nowhere near enough to have a positive effect on you, thanks to its dilution. By mixing a CBD bath bomb into your water, you would be diluting any CBD found in the CBD bath bomb, leaving you with very little CBD to affect your body and interact with you.

Additionally, this is only made worse by the fact that CBD bath bombs don’t get the time to interact with your skin when you soak in a bath. The water doesn’t soak into your skin at the same rate that other CBD topicals like CBD lotions do.

CBD bath bombs don’t work quite as effectively as lotions.

Final Thoughts on the Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs

Hearing that CBD bath bombs don’t fully work as a CBD delivery system might seem awful, like a gigantic secret that ruins the industry.

However, just because they don’t offer up much effective CBD doesn’t mean they are useless. CBD bath bombs are still incredibly pleasant to use, and come pre-packaged with all kinds of charming and delightful aromas and ingredients that can help relax you.

Furthermore, while you certainly won’t get a vast CBD dose from CBD bath bombs, you will likely still enjoy a touch of CBD after a long soak.

The best way to understand CBD bath bombs is to try some for yourself, so head to Premium Jane to buy some for yourself.

They might not be the most useful CBD delivery tool, but they are still excellent products in their own right.