The Top 3 Energy Drinks Every Gamer Should Try

Whether it be PC or console gaming, the activity requires maximum attention and focus

Nowadays, gaming is one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, with over 2.4 billion participants worldwide. All of these people know how important it is to stay concentrated throughout gaming sessions in order to yield the best outcomes, and few things aid focus more than a good energy drink. Let’s take a look at some of the best selections, specifically picked with gamers in mind.

Rockstar Energy

One of the most classic and beloved energy drinks on the market, Rockstar was created back in 2001 and has since exploded in popularity across the United States and beyond. In fact, most recently in March of this year, Pepsi announced that it would be buying the drink company for a whopping $3.85 billion. So, just why is Rockstar a favorite choice for many, and most especially gamers who regularly spend long hours playing online poker or first-person shooter games? Well, aside from it containing 160 mg of caffeine and sugar content of 31g, the drink is also delicious with signature fruity tones that come in several variants such as Recovery Grape, Sparkling Peach, Recovery Grape, and more.

Its features are multifaceted, allowing gamers to power through for extra-long sessions online, staying focused while taking advantage of special offers and opportunities on Oddschecker or Chess’s free gameplay with bots and real users. For gamers, especially those engaging in strategic activities online such as poker, chess, and blackjack, Rockstar is perfect in that it gives users that extra boost needed to remain concentrated and attentive while tasting good in the process. Among the many drinks to enjoy during online play, this classic is one of the best.

G Fuel

G Fuel is the official drink of Esports, so that in and of itself tells you it’s an excellent drink for gaming. Created in 2011, G Fuel is a powdered energy supplement that contains 150 grams and not one drop of sugar. Their tagline, “formulas for success” reigns true as gamers everywhere have credited the drink with boosting performance and success.

What’s more is that nearly every month a new flavor is released. From Tropical Rain to Sour Chug Rug and Bahama Mama, there are dozens of varieties to try. The bottom line- if professional gamers drink this to fuel their gameplay, you know it’s something special.

Bang Energy

Energy drinks are proven to stimulate the nervous system, heightening mental performance in the process

With a whopping 300 mg of caffeine, Bang Energy is often recommended to those gamers who want to power through long and intense gaming sessions. Low in sugar and high in caffeine is a great recipe for gamers as sugar crashes should be avoided at all costs. Bang is one of the best on the market in this respect and is loved amongst the ever-expanding gaming community.

With a variety of flavors like Citrus Twist, Bangster Berry, and Cotton Candy, just to name a few, consumers appreciate its supreme taste and extreme strength.