The Top 8 Gifts For Wine Lovers

If you are looking to buy a gift for the wine lover in your life, you might think that a bottle of wine is your only option. Not true! Here are eight of the best gifts that make perfect presents for wine lovers and afficionados and can suit a range of budgets. Whether you are looking for something cheap and cheerful or a bit high end, this list is a great jumping off point.

Bottle Stopper

Bottle stoppers make great gifts as it is easy to find one to suit your loved one’s personality. If they have a favorite animal, get a bottle stopper in the shape of that animal. If they have a favorite country, choose a bottle stopper that symbolises that country in some way. If they are particularly keen on sparkling wines like champagne and prosecco, you can buy high-quality sparkling wine savers to keep the bubbles where they belong – in the bubbly. Thoughtful and practical!

New Stemware

Quality stemware can be expensive, and they are also easily broken – especially after a glass of wine or two! New wine glasses are a generous gift that can add a touch of extra class to your friend’s at-home bar setup.

A Decanter

Decanting wine is a way of allowing it to breathe. It allows more of the flavour and aroma to come out, making even cheaper bottles live up to their full potential. A crystal decanter makes a luxurious and somewhat extravagant gift, but there are cheaper options available if crystal is beyond your budget.

An Aerator

Alternatively, if your friend is not the type to want to wait before pouring themselves a glass (who is?), you could buy them an aerating pourer. Simply attach the aerator to the top of an open bottle and pour as normal, allowing you to reap the rewards of decanting without the delay.

An Electric Corkscrew

This is a slightly gimmicky gift since anyone who knows wine will likely be experts at opening bottles. However, electric corkscrews are a fun gift and will probably be used over and over – plus, they are great for sparking conversation at a dinner party.


Red wine and chocolate are old friends, so this gift makes perfect sense. Buying chocolate gift boxes for a wine lover will always go down well, and you could even choose a box that is specifically designed to be paired with wine. Ditch the run-of-the-mill choccies and get something extra special.

A Wine Tasting Experience

Take your sommelier-in-the-making for a day out they will remember at a vineyard or a wine school (yes, they exist!) and sample a variety of wines. You could even go the extra mile and sign them up for a wine course. Getting certified as a wine expert would make a fantastic and thoughtful present.

More Wine!

Yes, it is an obvious one, but to be honest a lot of wine lovers will be perfectly happy with a bottle or two of good wine. Buy them a bottle you know they love or branch out and get them something they might not have had before, like an orange wine.

Whatever gift you choose, the wine lover in your life will be over the moon with their present – they might even ask you over for a drink.