The truth about boxed wine

For years, one of the most loathed word combinations in the long history of the grape was “boxed wine” — and for good reason. For decades, poor quality wine, labeled simply as “white” or “red,” was relegated to these boxes and sold in supermarkets at bargain basement prices.

But things have changed in recent years.

Boxed wines, once the lowest level of the quality pyramid, are finally getting some respect. And they’re becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

Danny Brager, Nielsen Company’s senior vice president of beverage alcohol practice, confirmed their newfound popularity at the 2016 Wine Market Council. “While 750-ml glass bottles solidly hold 70 percent of the market,” he said, “3-liter boxes and Tetra paks posted the strongest growth. At 3.3 percent of the market share, 3-liter boxes grew 13.7 and 12.3 percent in value and volume, respectively, while Tetra (only one percent of the market) grew 21.9 and 21.8 percent.”

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