The UK’s Most Popular Cocktails

Cocktails are one of the UK’s most popular alcoholic drinks and no matter where you go in the country, there is bound to be a cocktail bar nearby. In 2016 alone, over 39 billion pounds was spent by the UK public on alcohol consumption, including cocktails. This is becoming an increasingly popular business, with trained mixologists being taught exactly how to perfect the most amazing techniques to create perfect cocktails every time.

On the 13th May, it is World Cocktail Day, and with that in mind we decided to look at the most popular cocktails that are made and sold in the UK. You may have already heard of some of these, and if you haven’t, they are certainly worth a try. Here are some of the most popular cocktails and how you can recreate them at home.


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This drink has always been a popular one, but no more so than when James Bond was released in cinemas. Many people associate Martinis with Bond’s famous line, “shaken, not stirred”. Martinis are very versatile, and this is one of the reasons the drink is so popular.

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As coffee has also become increasingly sought for in the UK, Espresso Martinis have made a huge dint in the cocktail market, being sold in most cocktail bars and many pubs. Other popular Martinis include the Pornstar Martini, which is often served as bigger pitchers, or in fishbowls. An Espresso Martini is made with vodka, sugar syrup, espresso and coffee liqueur, and is best mixed with ice in a cocktail shaker before serving.


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If you have ever had a Mojito, you will understand just how light and refreshing these cocktails are, and why they are the perfect drink for any situation. Mojitos are made using only a few simple ingredients and served right, they look gorgeous too. A traditional Mojito is made with rum, mint, sugar, lime and topped off with soda water, usually garnished with mint leaves and crushed ice.

Making and serving drinks such as Mojitos takes skill and that is why many companies now train and hire mixologists and offer their services for weddings and other events. This can be seen through The Cocktail Service who offer mobile cocktail bar hire for events across the UK, as well as Europe. They have trained professionals who can make stunning and flavoursome cocktails right in front of your guests. As cocktails are so popular in the UK, having your very own bespoke cocktail bar at your wedding is the perfect way to impress your guests. They even hand carve their own ice cubes and offer the choice of serving bespoke playing card garnishes!


cosmo The UKs Most Popular Cocktails

Yet another cocktail that was made famous on screen is the Cosmopolitan, often referred to as a Cosmo. This cocktail often appeared in the popular American rom-com, Sex in the City, and was enjoyed by Carrie Bradshaw and her friends whilst they gossiped about their recent endeavours in love, life and everything in-between.

Cosmopolitans are made with triple sec, vodka, cranberry and fresh lime and often garnished with a piece of orange peel. Triple sec is the least known ingredient in Cosmopolitans and is a colourless, sweet orange liquor which is often used in many other cocktails. Anyone who loves fruity flavours will adore this cocktail, as it incorporates a few fruits into one delicious drink.


Negroni Connor Green 10 The UKs Most Popular Cocktails

Gin has become a very common alcoholic drink throughout the UK, with companies bringing out all kinds of colours and flavours, from pink gin to lavender gin. With this in mind, it is no wonder one of the most popular cocktails in the UK contains gin. A Negroni is made with gin alongside Sweet Vermouth and Campari.

This cocktail packs a punch and is quite dry and zingy, first becoming popular in Italy, as you can tell by the ingredients. The Negroni is simply made with one part of each ingredient and served with orange peel. It can be served with or without ice, depending on the drinker, although on the rocks is preferred by most. In many UK restaurants, a Negroni is given as an aperitif to give even more flavour to the food and excite the appetite.

These cocktails can be found in most cocktail bars or pubs around the UK. They can also be made at home with the right equipment and know how. If you fancy making your own versions of these drinks, perhaps think about purchasing a cocktail maker kit, as well as lots of ice, so you can create the perfect drink every time.

If you aren’t a fan of making your own, leave the professional bartenders and mixologists to serve you and your friends the tastiest and coolest cocktails around. Whether you make your own, or go out to enjoy a drink, next time think about ordering one of the UK’s most popular cocktails.