The Ultimate Collection Of Wines For Humans Who Love Cats

Put on your cat-eye and grab a glass! We’re herding cats in wine country.

Wine collections reflect an extraordinary commitment to bringing as many rare wines as possible under one roof. Wine collectors with a love for cats, strive to have a collection of wines with felines parading on the label. If you want to build your own collection themed around cats without paying a fortune, this list will guide you in the right direction.

Featuring labels from all over the world, the wines below are for humans who are obsessed with cats. If you love drinking wine with a cat on your lap, then you are that human. To feed your feline fetish, here’s the ultimate cat collection of wines for feline fanciers with a taste for fine wines.

Teusner Wines Cat Man

Teusner Wines is an independent winery in Barossa Valley, South Australia. The Teusner Wines logo is a suit-wearing cat-human hybrid. The effect is eye-popping and humorous; this wine label is sure to pop out on a liquor store shelf.

Cats Tail Vineyard Syrah

A fine Syrah from Lomond is situated near the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas in South Africa. This unique combination of geography, geology, and climate results in a terroir that is perfect for producing world-class wine. The vineyards of Lomond are surrounded by indigenous flora known as Fynbos. This single-vineyard wine is named after a vulnerable listed species endemic to the Agulhas Region, Erica Lineata or CatsTail Erica.

The Athazagoraphobic Cat

The Athazagoraphobic Cat comes from the d’Arenberg Winery in the McLaren Vale, on the south coast of Australia. The wine is a blend of Sagrantino/Cinsault. The spinning cylindrical wine label of the Athazagoraphobic Cat pays homage to early animation techniques. When turned, it looks like the cat is walking beside a human.

The Cenosilicaphobic Cat

Also produced by the Osborn family from d’Arenberg in Australia, the story of the Cenosilicaphobic Cat is as interesting as the wine itself. 

Cat’s Cradle Chenin Blanc

This is a very clear and bright expression of a finely crafted old vine Chenin blanc from South Africa. Cat’s Cradle Chenin Blanc is the very first single-vineyard bottling from Thorne and Daughters in the Swartland. 

Lou Gat Wine Range

The Lou Gat range comes in a variety of colours, such as Lou Gat Green, Yellow and Purple Red. The wine collection is produced by Maison Marcellin, a winery in Côtes de Gascogne, France.