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The Underdog at Oldenburg

Chardonnay continues to be the most important commercial wine grape in the world, while Cabernet Sauvignon reigns as the king of red grapes. But what about Cabernet Franc? Over the years we’ve seen a few Cabernet Franc style wines entering the South African market but are they any good?

Oldenburg Vineyards, situated in the heart of the Banghoek valley, has been making quite a name for themselves in the industry since the release of their first wines in 2011. Personally, I find all the wines in their range refreshing and bursting with character, finesse and flavour, so when I stumbled upon a bottle of their Cabernet Franc in my wine collection the other day, I decided to crack it upon and see how it developed in the bottle.

The 2009 Oldenburg Cabernet Franc starts with dried leaves and that note of sunshine warmed hay that I love. It offers a refreshing balance between acid and fruit and there’s charming berry aromas on the nose and a slightly peppery cherry-strawberry flavour on the palate. It’s by all means one of the best in the Oldenburg range and one of the top Cabernet Francs in South Africa.

We suggest you enjoy this elegant beauty with a hearty piece of meat, grilled to perfect.