The Way You Pop A Bottle Of Champagne Says A Lot About You!

Sparkling wine, champagne, or prosecco is a necessity at any important event. But opening the bottle can often come with its challenges, and it turns out how you pop your drink of choice can say a lot about you. 

Sutari Martinez, a Champagne bar manager in Sydney told InStyleMag the way you pop your champagne bottle – from the sprayer to the classic twist and pull – can say plenty about you or your guest. 

The Amateur Popper

This amateur popper doesn’t feel comfortable opening a bottle of champagne but doesn’t want their friends to know. They will battle with the tip of the bottle trying nervously to unwrap it and have no control over when the cork will pop out and which direction it goes (usually in the wrong direction!) This person doesn’t like to admit their faults and will give everything a go. Sometimes it’s better to sit out especially when popping champagne.

The Traditional Popper

The traditional popper is a person who doesn’t need the bells and whistles. They are typically low maintenance and happy to use their hands. The traditional method doesn’t require any equipment and is as simple as unwrapping the foil, untwisting the wire cage with firm hands over the cork and POP!

The Spraying Popper

The spraying popper is known as the life of the party and is a born entertainer. They enjoy the finer things in life and like to show off their skills. They are very social people and aren’t afraid to get a bit messy. They will typically holiday every year to Mykonos.

The Sabrage Star

The French tradition of ‘Sabrage’ is slicing open a champagne bottle with an extravagant sword and is only for the champagne pros. These people are typically very confident and love being the centre of attention and aren’t afraid of some theatre and danger. Unlike the spraying popper that is more elegant and sophisticated.