The Wine Industry is Never Boring | The Franschhoek Cellar

You’ve definitely driven past it. You can’t have missed it. If you’ve ever visited the scenic town of Franschhoek, one of the first markers signalling your arrival is the Roman-esque pillars of The Franschhoek Cellars building. It’s a Franschhoek landmark of sorts. And landmarks certainly seem to be a central theme at The Franschhoek Cellar, with their wine range harking back to historic local landmarks such as the Sauvignon Blanc ‘Statue de Femme’, the ‘Our Town Hall’ Chardonnay and the ‘Stone Bridge’ Pinotage. This balance between heritage and state-of-the-art facilities comfortably fits the place, as there seems to be something for everyone. Our welcoming hosts, Marguerite (Digital Manager) and Ryan (Winemaker), show us around. Between the wine and cheese pairing (“we also offer wine and chocolate pairings and an entire Pinotage tasting experience!” adds Marguerite), the lapa and Mountain View venues and the nifty children’s entertainment space, you could quite easily spend an entire day here.

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